Who are you guys?

We're relatively normal people who have roughly two decades of combined experience playing roleplaying games. We record remotely, mainly from Texas and Virginia (as well as other random places).

What gets cut from the episodes?

Restroom breaks, rules googling, eating noises, and unexciting things like getting (in-game) food.

Who drew the art?

JoAnne Kosta drew the art for the album cover/logo and the cover image.

Who is person who recorded the intro?

Juanne Cheng records the intro line.

How can I support the podcast?

We have a Patreon!

What is this weird-ass world you've created?

Take a look at the Campaign page to learn more (there's a handy dandy map). It's like Eberron set in a 1980s Sci-fi setting.

How much homebrew is there in the podcast/campaign?

Joey made up some rules about Magic Guns and MagiTech. There's also a pouch/armor system to make sure players aren't abusing MagiTech.

Anything I need to know before I start listening?

Some knowledge of D&D -- especially the spells -- is useful but not necessary. The more common spells are usually pretty clear cut (i.e. things like Levitate or Fog Cloud). We'll be sure to describe everything else.

Any content warnings I need to know about?

We say curse words and people/monsters die.