Adequately Advanced Magic

Adequately Advanced Magic is a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5e actual play podcast set in the post-fantasy, modern world of Falcon's Reach, a dungeon punk city in which magic is technology. Join our players on a trope-breaking adventure as they tackle challenges such as automated gelatinous cleaning cubes, cutthroat magic corporations, and the science of magic spells.

Adequately Advanced Magic

Recent Episodes

Bonus Episode 7: Taco-y Financial Relations Pt. 2

Nov. 30, 2021

Suck it, old lady; The unpaid interns strike back; What is in a name? Roy and Anastasia learn the importance of enunciating their "k" sounds as the party heads off to register their business name. Ella, Cayenne and Steeve ge…

Bonus Episode 6: Taco-y Financial Relations

Nov. 23, 2021

Lofty taco goals; Getting the gang together; Time for paperwork. In this bonus arc, one of the police officers who chased the characters in episode 17 of the main campaign gives up his job to follow his dream of starting …

Episode 27: Mildly Chaotic Dinner

Nov. 16, 2021

It's time for dinner; Just kidding, monster attack; Planning the next move. Hyrkir, Seirys and Niclaus go to dinner with their new landlord. A dusty monster attacks. The party plans their next move.

Episode 26: Mostly Friendly Neighborhood

Nov. 9, 2021

How do I make friends?; A curious fishing trip; Scouting the neighbors. The party has some downtime to shop, explore and talk to people. Hyrkir and Niclaus finally learn what month it is.

Episode 25: Abnormally Violent Rent

Nov. 2, 2021

Making new allies; The best reward is free rent; A new gang appears. Hyrkir and Niclaus finally find Tygrr, who agrees to help find answers. The party finds a new home, but appears to be under threat.

Episode 24: Angry Gnoll Robbers

Oct. 26, 2021

Angry, violent gnolls; I guess we're teaming up now; Bye, Olivia. Hyrkir, Seirys and Niclaus join forces to take down nasty gnoll robbers, and then discover they are headed toward the same destination.

About the Hosts

Joey Cheng


Joey Cheng is a news editor typically covering explosions and other unsavory things. In his free time, he enjoys inserting as many cats as possible into his D&D campaigns and punishing his players with never-ending loops of Final Fantasy soundtracks. Joey is the DM/Creator/Editor of Adequately Advanced Magic.

Jeremiah Cushman

Host/Twitter Monger

Jeremiah has been playing D&D since middle school, which is longer than he cares to remember. Someday, he'll play the dwarven fighter riding a triceratops that he's always wanted to. Jeremiah plays Hyrkir, a half-orc druid, in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Willy Gu


Willy is playing D&D for the first time, and he hopes to explore the relationships between technology, superheroes, and power. He is also interested in creating a character and watching the character grow while being that character. He takes game notes on a computer and uses DnDBeyond to help him figure out his modifiers, so you may hear typing and clicking when he speaks. Willy plays Jack, a human fighter, in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Roy Arguelles


Roy loves technology, space, and long walks into monster infested dungeons. In his spare time, Roy spends a lot of time playing Factorio with triple-digit mods, among other survival games. Roy plays Niklaus, a human sorcerer in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Mitchell Sommers


Mitchell is a long-time D&D player (though not as long as Jeremiah) and video game enthusiast. He enjoys failing to git gud at Dark Souls, ruining Joey’s (non-podcast) campaigns with his ridiculous rogue skill-checks, and creating fun characters to role play. Mitchell plays Seirys, a half-elven paladin in Adequately Advanced Magic.