Adequately Advanced Magic

Adequately Advanced Magic is a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5e actual play podcast set in the post-fantasy, modern world of Falcon's Reach, a dungeon punk city in which magic is technology. Join our players on a trope-breaking adventure as they tackle challenges such as automated gelatinous cleaning cubes, cutthroat magic corporations, and the science of magic spells.

Adequately Advanced Magic

Recent Episodes

Episode 56: Peculiarly Living Disposer

March 21, 2023

Compactor physics; Living garbage disposal; Finally, rescue.  Hyrkir, Niklaus and Seirys continue to traverse the underground maintenance area of the arcology. Turns out it's a pretty dangerous area.  Beatdown City -- Darren…

Episode 55: Abnormally Humanoid Garbage

March 14, 2023

A dangerous man; Billow, Billow, Billow, Sword; Taking out the trash. Hyrkir (Jeremiah), Niklaus (Roy) and Seirys (Mitchell) encounter a deadly bounty hunter.  Beatdown City -- Darren Curtis; Tactical War; Canyon -- Presence…

Warmup 5: Mysteriously Fungal Protest

Feb. 28, 2023

This is a short improv warmup session with Roy, Jeremiah, and Mitchell as their characters (Niclaus, Hyrkir and Seirys, respectively) encounter a mushroom miscreant. Beatdown City -- Darren Curtis; Shady town; Evil garden --…

Episode 54: Defiantly Fierce Resistance

Feb. 14, 2023

Investigation; Then an interrogation; Man in a duster.  Hyrkir (Jeremiah), Niclaus (Roy) and Seirys (Mitchell) make their way to Rudiger Niigrim's apartment. Surprises (and plungers) await them.  Beatdown City -- Darren Curt…

Episode 53: Highly Dangerous Ride

Feb. 7, 2023

Pricey suicide; Magic purple smoke everywhere; Questionable ally.  Hyrkir (Jeremiah), Niclaus (Roy) and Seirys head to a new part of the city. They are given a new task.  A special thank you to our patrons Rachel and Vegar, …

Episode 52: Yet Another Recap

Jan. 31, 2023

Another recap; That's a lot of episodes; Watch out for spoilers. Niklaus (Roy), Seirys (Mitchell) and Hyrkir (Jeremiah) recap the events of season one and two as they travel through Niklaus' mind.  Beatdown City -- Darren Cu…

About the Hosts

Joey Cheng


Joey Cheng is a news editor typically covering explosions and other unsavory things. In his free time, he enjoys inserting as many cats as possible into his D&D campaigns and punishing his players with never-ending loops of Final Fantasy soundtracks. Joey is the DM/Creator/Editor of Adequately Advanced Magic.

Jeremiah Cushman

Host/Twitter Monger

Jeremiah has been playing D&D since middle school, which is longer than he cares to remember. Someday, he'll play the dwarven fighter riding a triceratops that he's always wanted to. Jeremiah plays Hyrkir, a half-orc druid, in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Willy Gu


Willy is playing D&D for the first time, and he hopes to explore the relationships between technology, superheroes, and power. He is also interested in creating a character and watching the character grow while being that character. He takes game notes on a computer and uses DnDBeyond to help him figure out his modifiers, so you may hear typing and clicking when he speaks. Willy plays Jack, a human fighter, in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Roy Arguelles


Roy loves technology, space, and long walks into monster infested dungeons. In his spare time, Roy spends a lot of time playing Factorio with triple-digit mods, among other survival games. Roy plays Niklaus, a human sorcerer in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Mitchell Sommers


Mitchell is a long-time D&D player (though not as long as Jeremiah) and video game enthusiast. He enjoys failing to git gud at Dark Souls, ruining Joey’s (non-podcast) campaigns with his ridiculous rogue skill-checks, and creating fun characters to role play. Mitchell plays Seirys, a half-elven paladin in Adequately Advanced Magic.