Adequately Advanced Magic

Adequately Advanced Magic is a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5e actual play podcast set in the post-fantasy, modern world of Falcon's Reach, a dungeon punk city in which magic is technology. Join our players on a trope-breaking adventure as they tackle challenges such as automated gelatinous cleaning cubes, cutthroat magic corporations, and the science of magic spells.

Adequately Advanced Magic

Recent Episodes

Episode 44: Astoundingly Meta Roleplaying

Aug. 9, 2022

Conversation starter; Tanks and Airplanes roleplaying; Debt collectors come. The party continues to smooze in order to gain access to the back room. Niclaus scares away one elector; Hyrkir attracts a different one. Seirys us…

Episode 43: Unexpectedly Average Talent

Aug. 2, 2022

Goodbye, Wand of Smiles; No one knows how to socialize; Magic piano. The party starts socializing with the partygoers to try and gain entry into the investment pitch and the back area. Seirys trades her wand for important in…

Episode 42: Impressively Fancy Masquerade

July 19, 2022

Time to go party; Masks of cat, parrot, giraffe; The start of a plan. The party infiltrates the party of their foe, Lillian, and attempt to find a way to get into the backroom. The investment opportunity is networking.  Beat…

Episode 41: Nervously Delicious Pre-game

July 12, 2022

A diner meeting; Crash an investment party; Time for new clothing. The party meets up at a diner after being bailed out by Virginia and Galazar, and receive instructions for their next task -- infiltrating Lillian's investm…

Episode 40: Magically Enhanced Interrogation

June 21, 2022

Legal help needed; Zone of truth is expensive; What is due process? Seirys and Hyrkir undergo police interrogation over Valerie's death. Niclaus seeks the help of Alistair, attorney at law. Not lying can be difficult.  Bea…

Episode 39: Annoyingly Invisible Enemy

June 14, 2022

Taco brunch goes wrong; Unseen enemy attacks; Police brutality. We're back to the main campaign this week! An invisible creature attacks Valerie. The party fights back. Once again, back to incarceration. We'll try to finish …

About the Hosts

Joey Cheng


Joey Cheng is a news editor typically covering explosions and other unsavory things. In his free time, he enjoys inserting as many cats as possible into his D&D campaigns and punishing his players with never-ending loops of Final Fantasy soundtracks. Joey is the DM/Creator/Editor of Adequately Advanced Magic.

Jeremiah Cushman

Host/Twitter Monger

Jeremiah has been playing D&D since middle school, which is longer than he cares to remember. Someday, he'll play the dwarven fighter riding a triceratops that he's always wanted to. Jeremiah plays Hyrkir, a half-orc druid, in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Willy Gu


Willy is playing D&D for the first time, and he hopes to explore the relationships between technology, superheroes, and power. He is also interested in creating a character and watching the character grow while being that character. He takes game notes on a computer and uses DnDBeyond to help him figure out his modifiers, so you may hear typing and clicking when he speaks. Willy plays Jack, a human fighter, in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Roy Arguelles


Roy loves technology, space, and long walks into monster infested dungeons. In his spare time, Roy spends a lot of time playing Factorio with triple-digit mods, among other survival games. Roy plays Niklaus, a human sorcerer in Adequately Advanced Magic.

Mitchell Sommers


Mitchell is a long-time D&D player (though not as long as Jeremiah) and video game enthusiast. He enjoys failing to git gud at Dark Souls, ruining Joey’s (non-podcast) campaigns with his ridiculous rogue skill-checks, and creating fun characters to role play. Mitchell plays Seirys, a half-elven paladin in Adequately Advanced Magic.